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Experience the Thrill of the Sundance Resort Zipline

There are not a lot of activities more thrilling than flying down a mountain attached to only a thin wire! The ZipRider Zipline at the Sundance Resort is exactly what you need to have an incredible mountain experience this summer. With four extreme runs ranging from 936 ft. to more than a half a mile, you will have the experience of a lifetime!


The journey starts at the base of the resort before taking Ray’s lift to the top of the run. After an orientation, you are then introduced to the demo line, a 100 ft. zipline that gets you used to the feeling and comfortable with how the ziplines and harnesses work.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of things it’s time to jump right in! You walk over to the first run which spans over 900 ft. This helps you learn better how to control your speed and your nerves in preparation for the even more monstrous sections of the ZipTour!


Next up: the very top of the resort! After taking the Arrowhead lift to the summit, you get to experience some of the most amazing views that Sundance has to offer… before experiencing a 2,341 ft. span of high-flying zipline! Zipping that fast side-by-side with your friends and family are an experience to remember!

Next up is the Flathead run, which spans 2,581 ft, and is 450 ft. off the ground at the highest point. You just can’t experience thrills and views like that anywhere else! You can even try slowing down, and then speeding back up for the extra thrill; something you can’t do on the shorter ziplines.


Finally you reach the most epic zipline of them all: the Maverick spans 3,871 ft. and is one of the longest spans of continuous zipline in the United States. Zoom over the beautiful mountain terrain all the down over the parking lot, where you can finally catch your breath!


Demo Zip – 100 ft. long

Span 1 – Ray’s/ Trainer 936 ft. long

Span 2 – Bear Claw – 2,341 ft. long

Span 3 – Flathead – 2,581 ft. long

Span 4 – Maverick – 3,871 ft. long

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