How to Make Your Home a Cozy Sanctuary

With these extended days at home

that no one was expecting this might be a good time to create a peaceful, lovely place for you and your family to dwell, unwind, and recharge. Currently, our homes, are not only just our home, but also our office, our school, and our place of refuge. Here are a couple of ways to create a sanctuary-like feel in your home, which will help you to relax, and get cozy during times of stress.

Make your BED

every day, the moment you get out of the bed. Keep your bedroom hotel-like by doing just this one thing.

Swap in SNUGGLY throw pillows

Finally, an excuse to splurge on one of those big furry pillows! Add one or two textured throw pillows to your couch (or just change the covers on your existing pillows) to make your space look and feel cozier.


Indulge in some new luxurious sheets and duvet covers to create an enchanting sleeping experience.


Open your curtains, use roll-up shades or half curtains to let the sunlight in and warm your spaces.


Organize and pare down your space to feel less stressed. Discover what’s meaningful and necessary and put your mind at ease by keeping all your stuff and papers manageable and only allowing space in your sanctuary for what is important.

Bring the OUTDOORS in

Purchase some inexpensive plants and create a calming ritual of watering them. Accessorize with some smooth stones, wood branches, seashells, or bring home fresh flowers.

Utilize SCENT in your home

Create a signature scent that will elicit a soothing sensation at home, use a diffuser, favorite candle, or something simple like a bundle of eucalyptus throughout each room.


This gives you more control over your lighting mood, setting the best situation up for you to relax. You can also use candles.

If you desire a true PARADISE in your own backyard

Add elements that remind you of your favorite retreats. Love the beach? A grass umbrella, beach chair, fluffy towels, and seashells can make you feel like you’ve escaped to a sanctuary by the sea.

Is your IDEAL vacation filled with quiet reading time while submerged in nature?

Style a cozy reading nook next to a bubbling water fountain and scented plants like rosemary or lavender. Adding reminders of your favorite hotel or vacation spots can help elicit feelings of relaxation.

Put on some MUSIC

Music can be therapeutic, and calm you down or give you a mood boost if you need it. Curate your own relaxed or happy mood with a playlist to soothe.