Meet The Abode Team – Tilly Tilton

Meet The Abode Team - Tilly Tilton

Meet the Abode Team

Tilly Tilton

Designer Vacation Manager

Vacation is what brought Tilly to the West. Four days after being in Utah, she called her family in Ohio and said she was never coming back. That was 1993!

Tilly embraces the saying, “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.” She has been fortunate to travel to Greece (got engaged in Santorini), France (saw Lindsey Vonn win the World Cup in Meribel), and visited 46 or our 50 states. However, she has never been sad to leave vacation and return home to Park City. She says living in Park City truly feels like she’s living the dream!

Tilly’s words of advice? To remember that travel is not to escape life, but to make sure life doesn’t escape us!