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Here at Abode Park City, we truly love our community and our greater region. This corner of the Rocky Mountain West has something truly magical about it, from the remarkable cultural vibrancy to the sheer scenic splendor of the Wasatch high country. There’s never any shortage of things to do out here, but we also encourage our guests to relax and slow down when they come stay in one of our vacation homes—tap into the rhythm of the mountains!

Setting Up Shop in a Park City “Home-Away-From-Home”

That’s one of the great joys of staying in a vacation home or condo rather than a hotel. At our properties, people don’t feel like harried and rushed tourists merely passing through: They luxuriate in a beautiful home-away-from-home and really soak up the flavor of the marvelous Park City area. Having been in the Park City property management business for a long time, we know the region intimately—and we strive to provide every client with a getaway experience exactly catered to his or her individual interests and inclinations. Our homes and condos are fully equipped for a relaxing, refreshing, and fun-filled vacation: They’re topnotch home bases from which to enjoy the fantastic views and the irresistible atmosphere our mountain wonderland specializes in.


The Pleasures of R&R in the Wasatch

Right in our backyard, there are world-class mountain-biking and hiking trails and ski and snowboarding runs, of course—all those adventure-sport possibilities that have made Park City, Deer Valley, and the Wasatch Back such a celebrated paradise for outdoor recreation. Visitors can also take to the skies in a hot-air balloon for the kind of Wasatch country view otherwise the exclusive pleasure of golden eagles and ravens. There are the lively streets of Park City itself, home to stellar restaurants and loads of entertainment options—this is the site of the Sundance Film Festival, after all!

But some of the very greatest and most sustaining pleasures are to be had kicking back and doing nothing—nothing, that is, but relishing the screeches of jays, the play of light on the mountain snowfields, and the hush of wind in the aspens. Abode Park City’s property management team is here to help mint enduring memories up in the mountains of northern Utah, the sort of remarkable place where activities of every kind are possible—and also where getting away from it all is a cherished pastime.

Private Home Away From Home in Park City, Utah

For those looking for an exciting ski getaway, Park City, Utah, offers a number of excellent skiing opportunities, dining establishments and top condo rentals to make a stay great.

More and more vacationers choose to stay in private homes or condos that fit their needs, rather than trying to make their needs fit a resort or hotel. Abode Park City offers a number of different size rentals in Park City and Deer Valley to will fit anyone’s needs. These affordable, comfortable, home-like settings will welcome even the weariest traveler, and have him or her calling it home in no time!

Abode Park City will also help vacationing parties find just the right property to fit their group’s size and their particular needs, whether that be Wi-Fi access, a private chef, baggage delivery, a personal car service, or any of a number of other amenities.

For Deer Valley condo rentals, why not try the Abode in Deer Valley? This private condo sleeps ten, and offers visitors a hot tub and spa, their own personal concierge, a car service, and a personal chef.

Park City condo rentals are just as wonderful. The Abode at Park City Mountain is located in Park City, Utah and offers vacationers several luxurious amenities. This condo sleeps eight and is child-friendly. Guests will be able to ski right in and out of this property, getting to the slopes that much faster. With this amazing location, guests can enjoy the best views in the are, right from the condo. As for luxuries, this condo’s extras include a personal concierge and a car service for when guests take their skis off and want to hit the town.

Curious as to what these homes look like? The Abode Park City website has plenty of pictures of each rental and an availability tracker to let you make your plans online. Whether vacationers are traveling with the family, their friends, or as a couple, Abode Park City has the right rental for everyone.

When vacationers walk through the doors of their rental, they will be overwhelmed by all of our special extras. Guest Services will have everything perfect, ready, and waiting! Additionally, guests can choose to add on a number of amenities, such as heli-skiing packages, lift tickets, grocery deliveryairport rides, a ski butler, skiing lessons, and more.

No matter what type of vacation rentals guests are looking for, Abode Park City has it!

One of the most difficult factors about owning vacation property is the upkeep on the property. If you live out of state, it can be even more difficult to keep the property maintained for your renters. Abode Park City is a professional property management service that handles the majority of aspects relating to your property so you do not have to. We provide a range of services, including the following:


Rental Services
Abode Park City will take care of finding the tenants for you by placing local ads and screening all phone calls or email inquires from prospective tenants. Our property management company will also be responsible for interviewing and doing background checks on all prospective tenants. When a problem arises at the property, the tenants will contact Abode, which means you no longer have to worry about tenants calling on the weekend about a leaky faucet or other problems with the property. We will arrange for any repairs that are required so that you don’t have to.


One of the best benefits of utilizing the services of Abode Park City is that you do not have to deal with rent collections. Our property management company will collect all rent, deposits, and late charges from the tenants. This saves you the time of driving to the rental property to track down tenants for late rent payments. We will also send out letters for late rent and if necessary will take care of evictions.


We at Abode Park City are familiar with local professionals, including contractors and landscapers who can take care of the property and do any repairs when needed. One of the most frustrating factors of taking care of rental properties is lawn maintenance. Without a property manager, you are responsible for either going to the vacation home to mow the lawn or hiring someone to mow it. However, if you are out of state, there is no guarantee the work is being done by the person you hire. Abode does routine inspections of the property for you to make sure the exterior of your home is top condition.


If you own more than one rental property, it can be overwhelming when trying to keep up with every tenant in your properties. Hiring our professional company for property management in Park City means you will have someone else to step in and fill the role for you, which will save you time and money. Another benefit of hiring Abode Park City is that we are familiar with the local laws pertaining to rental properties. In most situations we meet with you personally at your property; all remaining transactions are your choice and can be done by telephone or through email.

With seven sensational ski resorts in the Deer Valley – Park City area, it takes some strategizing to get where you want to be. Each resort has differences that really matter to snow-boarders, downhill skiers, and cross-country skiers. There are so many must-see opportunities in the area, from sleigh rides with dinner to amazing steakhouses and seafood on Main Street. People from all around the world are drawn to the exceptional resort network, state-of-the-art lifts, and ski passes that include fabulous skiing in four counties.


Private vacation rentals are an additional option to the luxury hotels in this ski city. Adobe Park City is a high-end property manager that offers families and ski groups top-of-the-line vacation homes with comforts equal to and beyond hotel accommodations. Renters can have chefs prepare meals in the vacation homes, schedule housekeeping, and book private massages. There is also transportation from the slopes back into the city.


Vacation rentals in Deer Valley are more affordable than renting several hotel rooms, and being closer to the slopes means more ski and snowboarding time. Many of the private vacation rentals in Park City have “ski in – ski out” access, meaning the skiers can begin at the front door of the luxury home.


There are seven world-class resorts nearby each other in these mountains. Consolidations of annual passes offer ski packages for any number of resort combinations. Ski privileges can be custom-selected according to a skier’s varying preferences. Many passes not only cover local resorts but other famous ski areas in California, Las Vegas, and others.


As the resorts continue their planned development, a ski lift network that will take visitors to every resort area on the mountains will create a greater demand for the services of Adobe Park City. Our collection of privately owned vacation rental homes is located throughout the seven ski areas. This new ski lift network will allow clients to decide where to rent a private home to allow them to be close to their favorite group of resorts. The flexibility of this combination will allow skiers more time on the slopes, which a cost-efficient ski weekend like has never been seen.


Call Adobe Park City, (435) 565-1555, and check out our website videos for more information. This is Class # 1 skiing, and we are looking forward to having you join in.

When you’re the owner of a beautiful home in Park City that you want to rent, it can be hard to keep it rented throughout the year without dealing with a lot of stress in the process. At Abode, we are unique because we recognize the challenges that you face – and our goal is to make the process as painless as possible.


Keeping the Property Rented


The reason that you have a rental property is to keep it rented. When it sits vacant, you don’t make any money. In reality, it may be costing you money when the property isn’t rented – and that’s where our management team makes the difference.


We have gone out of our way to market the properties that we manage. We also offer a variety of features to renters that other places do not. We have added concierge, car service, grocery shopping, and many other services to make it more convenient to rent the properties that we have available. This means that people are going to be more likely to rent your property when it is listed through us.


Our seamless booking process makes it possible for people to rent properties months in advance, which makes it simple to plan a dream vacation. We help our guests choose properties based on the amenities they want and the number of people they are bringing in. We know what properties are booked when so that we can keep all of the properties booked as frequently as possible – and without issues of double-booking.


If you want to come in and stay at your property, simply let us know what weeks or months to blackout – otherwise we will work diligently to keep guests in your property year-round. We are local in Park City and so we know that there are tons of activities to draw people in for the summer and the winter – and we use these to our advantage to attract people to the rentals that we have at our property management firm in Park City.


Protect the Integrity of Your Home


One of the scariest ideas about renting your home out is that you don’t know anything about the people renting. That’s where Abode can help you as well. We have professionals that take the time to interview applicants, check people in, and keep an eye on your property.


We have beautiful homes throughout our inventory – many of which are fully furnished with hot tubs, wine cellars, large fireplaces and more. We are not doing our job if something happens to your house. You can think of us as the eyes on the ground to look after your property – and take care of any issues that do occur. This includes everything from repairs to cleaning to regular checks for plumbing and HVAC.


Property management in Park City doesn’t have to be a headache. Our goal is to maintain your property and keep it rented – the same goals that you have. Contact us to discuss how we can manage your property so you don’t have to.


10 Reasons to Buy a Home: Time magazine is being overly pessimistic in its recent cover piece that called into question the benefits of homeownership. In fact, now is a great time to buy. And, what’s more, tomorrow will be a great time to own, because the fundamental strength of home-ownership hasn’t changed.

Why is now a great time to buy? Here are 10 reasons:

  1. You can get a good deal. Prices are down 30 percent on average. They’re at a level that makes sense for people’s income.
  2. Mortgages are cheap. At 4.3 percent on average for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, your costs to own are down by a fifth from two years ago.
  3. You can save on taxes. When you add up the deductions for mortgage interest and others, the cost of owning can drop below renting for a comparable place.
  4. It’ll be yours. The one benefit to owning that never changes is that you can paint your walls orange if you want (generally speaking; there might be some community restrictions). How many landlords will let you do that?
  5. You can get a better home. In some markets, it’s simply the case that the nicest places are for-sale homes and condos.
  6. It offers some inflation protection. Historically, appreciation over time outpaces inflation.
  7. It’s risk capital. If the economy picks up, you stand to benefit from that, even if you’re goal is just to have a nice place to live.
  8. It’s forced savings. A part of your payment each month goes to equity.
  9. There is a lot to choose from. There are some 4 million homes available today, about a year’s supply. Now’s the time to find something you like and get it.
  10. Sooner or later the market will clear. The U.S. is expected to grow by another 100 million people in 40 years. They have to live somewhere. Demand will eventually outpace supply. Source: Wall Street Journal, Brett Arends (9/16/10)