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Park City Museum

Park City, Utah is a vacation destination that many travelers choose exclusively in the name of outdoor fun and recreation! Amazing views and stunning mountain resorts make this a fantastic place to explore the terrain year-round. That said, Park City also has a rich history to its name and those interested in pursuing the past can add that to their itinerary too when they make a stop at the Park City Museum while they’re in town. When a look back at what makes Park City the place it is sounds interesting, this is the place you’re going to want to be the next time travel plans bring you this way.

Pair Education and Engaging Fun at Park City Museum

The Park City Museum is located at 528 Main Street and is open to the public daily for enjoying between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. This is a fun-for-all stop in Park City that’s suitable for solo travelers and families alike. Stepping into the museum, guests will find they have a variety of exhibits and displays to explore that highlight the city’s vast and intriguing history. Many of these displays offer hands-on learning which is great for capturing the attention of little ones too! The mission of the museum is to preserve, protect and promote Park City’s history and heritage authentically. Admission to the museum comes at no cost and in addition not the many exhibits on-site, guests will find there are also a variety of lectures they can attend here year-round.

Museum Highlights Not to Miss

A stop at the Park City Museum is always a unique experience thanks to rotating exhibits that are set up alongside a permanent collection. Many of the exhibits here showcase Park City’s mining past and there are options to explore scaled, late 19th century Mega Mine structures within. Other displays look at the lives of early settlers in the area while the Skier Subway Theater offers guests a chance to learn more about Park City’s transition from mining hub to ski town. A fan-favorite exhibit to check out at the museum is the original city jail that’s still located in the basement and offers up a unique look at how the city original handled criminal activity. From recreations of general stores to an authentic 1926 fire truck on-site, these museums in Park City are as exciting as they are informative.

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