TripHero: Exclusive Shipping Service

exclusive shipping service

Abode's official Shipping Partner

To ensure the safe arrival of your belongings & shipments, and to provide a seamless & hassle-free travel experience, Abode Luxury Rentals is exclusively partnered with TripHero for all shipping & luggage services. Before your trip, TripHero will pick up your luggage and equipment from your home at a designated time and ship it safely to your destination. When it's time to check out, TripHero will help lighten the load by picking up your luggage and equipment from your accommodations and ship it home or to your final destination. Tracking updates let you keep tabs on your belongings while you travel luggage-free. Need to order something online during your stay? Simply provide the retailer with TripHero's address & details below and they'll ensure the safe delivery of your packages.


How to Skip baggage claim

Please DO NOT send shipments or mail directly to the property or the Abode office.
Most areas of Park City do not have traditional mail delivery to the home and PO boxes & mailboxes can often only be accessed by the homeowner. We cannot guarantee safe shipping, receiving or deliveries for any mail or packages sent to the Abode office or private home. TripHero can arrange one-way, round-trip, and international shipments for luggage and gear. Elevated tracking systems and TripHero’s ‘right time’ delivery ensures your items arrive where they need to be when you need them. TripHero also offers long term storage options for luggage and gear.

What are the costs to ship my luggage with triphero?

FedEx Ground Service (USA) 
• Small Bag or Carry-On = $75 
• Large Luggage, Single Ski Bag, or Golf Bag = $119 
• Double Ski Bag = $169
• Oversize Bag = $199
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What about bikes? Or express shipping? Or international? Or anything not listed?

Absolutely! We do it all. Please call (970) 688-7080 or email info@gotriphero.com to discuss in more detail.

Guest Package Delivery Services information

TripHero assists with incoming package delivery directly to your accommodations. All incoming packages are delivered by TripHero by 4:00pm daily. Urgent packages can be delivered upon receipt. Please notify TripHero for expedited items.

To where should I address my shipment?

Please address all items to our on-site central receiving hub:

c/o Abode Luxury Rentals
1375 Deer Valley Drive South, Suite 104
Park City, UT 84060

How much would my Package handling fee will be?

Package handling fee classifications are based on weight and dimensions:
• Envelope: $3.00
• Small Package: $5.00
• Medium Package: $10.00
• Large Package: $15.00
• Oversize Package: $25.00