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The Concierge Team at Abode Luxury Rentals specialize in creating authentically customized experiences through unparalleled service, decades of expertise, and a carefully curated portfolio of providers, giving guests everything they need to create memories to cherish for a lifetime. Our passion is to help you make the very most of every moment in these magnificent mountains.


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    Abode Luxury Rentals offers an Optional Concierge Service with our In-House Concierge Team. If you would like suggestions for activities, restaurants, outfitters, and other similar services, there is no charge for this and you can reach the Concierge Team by emailing concierge@abodeluxuryrentals.com. If you would like assistance coordinating and managing the delivery of things such as (but not limited to) ski rentals, private chefs, massages, excursions/activities, catering/drop-off meals, snowmobiling, grocery shopping/delivery, transportation (airport and in-town) there is 30% Service Charge that will be calculated off of the Receipt Totals. This is a premium service and also provides a Concierge to assist you via phone, text, and email. Any items or services procured by the Concierge Team on your behalf will be added to your Abode Account and charged as procured. In the event that you cancel an item/service after the order is placed, you will receive a refund equal to the receipt total minus any Concierge Service Charges. Please note, some vendors have specific cancellation terms that will dictate if all or a portion of the price will be refunded (depending on how close to the date you cancel a service). A Credit Card is required to be kept on file should you request the Concierge Team to procure items/services on your behalf. The Concierge Team cannot confirm or procure anything on your behalf without a credit card on file. By requesting an Abode Luxury Rentals Team Member to procure an item or service, you agree to these Terms.

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