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Top Things You Don’t Know About Park City

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Year after year, travelers pack up to make their way to Park City in the name of vacation fun. Many come this way knowing they will have access to amazing ski slopes, incredible restaurants, and thrilling film festivals, but there are still plenty of fun facts and lesser-known tidbits that make a trip this way a surprise with each booking! The following are the top things you don’t know about Park City for the next time you’re in town.

At One Time, the City Was Surprisingly Quiet

Before Park City was ever the bustling ski resort and tourism hot spot it is today, it was nearly a quiet retreat where mining had boomed before eventually fading out as a lucrative source of income. A group of miners actually pitched the idea to turn Park City into a ski resort as a way to boost visitors and business once more. The design covered 10,000 acres of land that the miners owned and would be called Treasure Mountain. Up until 1963, Treasure Mountain hosted what was known as the Skiers Subway. It was a system that used subway cars through old mining tunnels as a route to transporting skiers the 2.5 miles through the mountain to the slopes. The ride was dark and decidedly cold and took an hour to complete. At the end of the ride, the skiers would then use an old mining elevator to hoist themselves 1,750 feet up to the base of the ski lift at Thaynes Canyon. Eventually, transportation options would improve, but the reputation for unique innovation would stick!  It didn’t take long for Treasure Mountain to become a hit with travelers and eventually, it would go on to be renamed Park City Resort!

Park City Brings in Droves of Artists

While Park City has long been popular with skiers and outdoor adventurers, it’s also a hub for creativity and artistic inspiration. Year-round, artists from across the country and the globe head to Park City in pursuit of time spent at the Kimball Center. This destination is a place where artists can explore and expand on their skills while sharing their works with the greater public too. The Kimball Center hosts an Art Festival each July which is always a delight for locals and visitors and doubles as a networking opportunity for artists looking to expand their horizons.

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