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Geothermal Pools & Spas

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People have flocked to hot springs since ancient times, touting the healing and relaxation benefits of a soak in the mineral-filled waters. In modern times, we still love unwinding in thermal springs, and throughout Utah you’ll discover them in stunning natural settings that make the hikes and entrance fees to access them worthwhile. But the fun goes beyond sitting and soaking — you’ll find big on-site bonuses like waterslides, paddleboard yoga, camping and music festivals that turn a quick visit into a weekend worth of fun. Here’s a quick guide to Utah’s best hot springs.

No matter the season, there’s a refreshing & healing spring ideal for anyone in your group. Let our Concierge Team create an incredibly unique experience at one of Utah’s hidden gems!


This geothermal hot spring is located inside a beehive-shaped limestone dome that was formed over 10,000 years ago. Whether you visit on a summer’s day or during a winter snowstorm, the temperature inside is always a balmy 90 to 96 degrees. The underground cavern — a hole at the top of the dome that lets in sunlight and fresh air — is one of Utah’s more unique destinations.

The Homestead Crater isn’t just for soaking. Come to snorkel or scuba dive in the United States' only warm water scuba-diving destination. This 65-foot-deep hot spring has no fish, but the practically tropical temps make it a nice spot to get your dive certification and practice your ear-clearing. After hours, join Park City Yoga Adventures for stand-up paddleboarding yoga on the water. Flip your downward dog into the warm water in this class that combines in an out-of-water action. You can also book time for just a soak. Life vests are provided. Note: You’ll want to reserve your yoga session online before showing up to class.

Visit Homestead Crater:
700 North Homestead Dr.
Midway, UT 84049
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Best known for having the highest mineral content in the world at 46,000 mg/l, the three hot tubs, Olympic-size pool, main soaking pool, and kid pool area all range 120–134 degrees. Two 365-foot hydro-tube water slides are open year-round and heated by submerged copper tubing in the hot spring, making it a great place for families to find some warmth in the winter months. No lodging or campsites are available.

Visit Crystal Hot Springs:
8215 North US Hwy 38
Honeyville, UT
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