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Wildlife Watching in Park City

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Park City is packed with amazing city-center entertainment to enjoy during a visit, but those who are looking to get into nature will find it’s filled with incredible wildlife watching in Park City opportunities as well. From small creatures along the trails to majestic eagles soaring overhead, there’s no shortage of options for viewing fun. The following are a few places where you’re likely to get a glimpse of some really incredible creatures the next time you’re here.

What Wildlife You’ll Encounter in and Around Park City

Many travelers find the dynamic landscapes waiting to be explored across Park City, Utah tantalizing with good reason. As versatile as the terrain may be, it’s often the vast array of species of wildlife that call the area home that’s just as thrilling! When you’re in town to enjoy wildlife watching, you’re in for a treat. Park City is packed with opportunities to encounter and observe everything from deer and coyotes to foxes and bats. Larger animals that roam the landscape here include bears and moose as well as elk. Look overhead and you might just set your sights on bald eagles and ospreys alike. Those who head this way in the spring will be right on time to see Sandhill cranes nesting as they move along migration routes originating in Mexico. No matter what your itinerary entails, if it includes outdoor adventure, there’s a good chance you’ll come across some amazing creatures along the way.

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Make the Most of Birdwatching

For bird watching enthusiasts, Park City is brimming over with potential for fun. Make time on your agenda for a stop at Rock Cliff, Jordanelle State Park where there’s an opportunity to spot more than 160 species of birds within the park’s parameters. The collection of birds here is made up of both migratory and local species too. It’s also a popular place to enjoy observing bald eagles. Getting around is a breeze thanks to the park’s many convenient boardwalks and trails that wind their way through wetlands. The park is set up as a haven for raptors, with features in place that allow people to visit without disturbing the fragile ecosystems that are so important to these species’ future survival. It’s a stop you won’t want to miss! Be sure to bring your binoculars and a sense of adventure when you head this way.

Spend Time at the Swaner Nature Preserve & EcoCenter

Located at 1258 Center Drive in Park City, the Swaner Nature Preserve & EcoCenter is a one-stop resource for incredible wildlife watching opportunities in Utah. In total, this impressive destination features more than 1,200 acres of protected land as well as a 10,000 square foot environmental center where visitors can learn more about the many species that call the preserve home and what it takes to ensure they thrive for years to come. Some of the wildlife that can be seen here throughout the year include cranes, deer, and elk as well as beavers, snakes, and raptors. The Swaner Nature Preserve & EcoCenter hosts Saturday morning nature walks that offer up an insightful view into the surroundings alongside a helpful and knowledgeable guide. These walks also provide an educational look at the many plants and trees that adorn the preserve as well as a history of the preserve too. There are even opportunities to help build starter beaver dams along the preserve waterways throughout the year.

Stroll the Union Pacific Rail Trail

Pairing hiking outings and wildlife watching in Park City is easy to do when you spend time on the Union Pacific Rail Trail the next time you’re in town. This route extends 28 miles between Park City and the Echo Reservoir and along the way, the opportunities to spot wildlife are vast and varied! Deer, foxes, and beavers can all be viewed along this path while herons and eagles are often spotted overhead as well. Silver Creek takes up 14 miles of this trail and provides wildlife with a hydration destination and hikers with even more opportunities to encounter amazing creatures as they walk along.

Head to Rundown Ranch Children’s Farm with the Family

If you happen to be heading to Park City with the little ones in tow and you’re looking for wildlife watching opportunities fit for travelers of all ages, the Rundown Ranch Children’s Farm is a great place to start. Located at 22 W. Boulderville Road in nearby Oakley, this destination only takes about 15 minutes to reach and is home to everything from ostriches and buffalo to alpacas as well. There are also ponies and cows on-site as well as pigs that are waiting to be pet!

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