3:15 pm, May 9, 2011



If you ski, then chances are you’ve probably heard of Park City, Utah. Known for having some of the best skiing in the United States, this old mining town is a top vacation destination for over 600,000 tourists each year. However, if you’ve never spent some time here in summer, then you are really missing out on a wonderful experience. Park City grew quickly in the late 1800’s with the discovery of gold, silver, and lead. Mining brought the city to flourish into the 20th century.  After World War II, though, there was a sharp decline in mining and by the late 1950’s, the city was at risk of becoming a ghost town. Skiing and other winter activities were becoming popular throughout the Western United States and in 1963 the first resort opened. Treasure Mountain quickly became “the” ski destination and the town quickly embraced its new purpose.

Summer, however, offers visitors a terrific destination for outdoor activities, shopping, dining, and entertainment. With three major resorts, this city caters to tourists all year long. The Deer Valley resorts offer luxurious accommodations, including some of the most impressive amenities. Perfect for both singles and families alike, there is certainly something for everyone here. Collectively, the Deer Valley resorts are all open during the summer, providing you with a great base for which to enjoy your time in Park City. You’ll love the summer activities here, whether it is fly-fishing for trout, hiking or biking through some gorgeous terrain, or simply spending your days shopping. Park City has more factory outlet stores than any other city in Utah, so you’re guaranteed to find some great deals. There are also many boutiques and designer shops that will excite the savvy shopper.

For those that love the arts, the Sundance Film Festival is one of the year’s main highlights. It is the largest independent film festival in the United States and it’s a busy time of year in Park City. People from all over the world come here to see the independent films of the year. In addition, you’ll find several music, art, and theater festivals here, as well.

Park City was the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics and you can visit the Bobsled races, even in the summer. If you want to spend some time with nature, then visit one of the many city and state parks, complete with beautiful trails, lakes, and hot springs. There really is something for everyone here. In closing, while you may have only thought about Park City as a wintertime destination, it’s much more than that. You simply must spend a few days here in the summer months and see everything that this area has to offer. You won’t be disappointed. Start by booking your luxury Park City vacation rental or Deer Valley accommodations with abode here.


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