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When you’re someone who loves fantastic film festivals, amazing slopes, incredible eateries, and a sensational downtown shopping scene too, Park City, Utah has something just for you. Here, travelers from near and far can find reasons to rest, relax, adventure, or entertain themselves according to interests of all types. Packed with beautiful landscapes and the activities and attractions to match, Park City never fails to impress and is a place travelers inevitably return to time and again. It’s also a destination where those with a passion for lacing up their hiking boots and hitting the mountain trails in style will find endless opportunities waiting. When you can’t wait to explore the great outdoors and check as many trails as possible off your must-try list, consider this your ultimate guide to Park City hiking adventures the next time you’re here.

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Why You’ll Love Hiking in Park City

Whether you’re new to hiking or you’re an expert on the path, there’s a hiking trail in Park City that’s suited just to you. Hikers fall in love with the Park City trail system thanks to its diversity and variety in terms of views, landforms, challenges, and all of the inspiration that’s waiting to be discovered along the way. Once you’re out of town, trails here take you through sagebrush and pine trees as you wind around lakes, through aspen groves, and snowmelt creeks. From trails that highlight the best of wildflower blooms in the springtime to those that put your skills to work and offer up breathtaking mountain views, it’s nearly impossible to find a route that doesn’t thrill. In total, there are over 400 miles of hiking trails that run their way through and around Park City. Some sit within the parameters of world-class ski resorts while others are more off-the-beaten-path. Either way, they offer routes that are worth relishing in every season.

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Enjoy the Work of the Mountain Trails Foundation

Park City has long been a place that’s fully dedicated to maintaining these trails at their best. That means you’re in for a treat every time you’re here to hike. A big part of that comes down to the local Mountain Trails Foundation. For more than 28 years, this foundation has focused on not only building new trails throughout Summit County but also making sure the trails that are established are meticulously cared for so adventurers can make the most of their outings all year long. The Mountain Trails Foundation services over 150 miles of Park City’s trails with new trails always in the works. The final results come with a lot of hard work and dedication.

Typically, the foundation employs a crew that creates new hiking paths using topographical maps to integrate new routes into the successful existing system and make sure there’s a secure plan for clearing and drainage. Once plans are in place, the foundation does the leg work of presenting trail plans to city stakeholders, landowners, and construction crews. Once approvals are guaranteed, hiking path construction begins and there are a series of specific test runs done before it’s opened to the public. All of that to say, when you’re hiking in Park City, you can be sure you’re on trails that have been carefully crafted, and among others with an unwavering passion for the outdoors too.

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Day Hikes You’ve Got to Try in Park City

In all seasons of the year, Park City provides the scenery that makes time out on the trails a thrill. If you have the day to spare in the name of trekking fun, there’s no shortage of trail options to choose from here. Whether you’re on the hunt for routes that take you through aspen groves or you’re hoping for a more leisurely stroll in the fall when the leaves change colors, there are paths that are sure to please.

When you’re looking for an out-and-back route that stretches just under 5 miles, begin your hiking day adventure on the Silver Lake to Bald Mountain trail. The elevation gain on this route is 1,433 feet and the trailhead is easily accessible using public transit to the Silver Lake Village at Deer Valley. The Silver Lake Trail is ideal for intermediate-level hikers and it’s exclusively open to foot traffic. The Silver Lake Trail is loved for its peaceful ambiance, an impressive collection of aspens that are particularly eye-catching in autumn, and its well-marked routing system. The trail begins at the bottom of the Silver Lake chairlift and takes you to the summit of Bald Mountain meaning amazing views are always your reward for a hike well done. Be sure to have your camera on hand because the vistas out over the Heber Valley are sure to inspire.

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If you can’t wait to incorporate waterside fun into your hike, the Bloods Lake and Lackawaxen Trail is a must. This is a shorter route to explore at just 2.8 miles roundtrip and it hosts an elevation gain of just 465 feet. The Bloods Lake and Lackawaxen Trail is fit for foot traffic only and can be used as an out-and-back route or a loop depending on preference. The highlight of the experience on this trail is the access to high alpine lakes without having to spend multiple days trekking to get there. The trail hosts two lakes that are both popular places for picnicking or swimming to cool off after your hike. To begin this two-lake trail, start at the Bloods Lake Trailhead. The route wanders through lush meadows and offers up great views of aspen groves. While there are some steep areas, the trail is relatively manageable overall. Once you’ve spent time at Bloods Lake, you’ll continue on to Lake Lackawaxen which is located below Clayton Peak. This lake is typically less crowded than Bloods Lake due to the extra hiking involved, so it’s ideal for those who are looking for a bit more off-the-beaten-path adventure.

For a day hike that’s somewhere in between the Silver Lake Trail and the Bloods Lake and Lackawaxen Trail, consider taking on Armstrong. This 3.3-mile route has an elevation gain of 75 feet and is a multi-use trail for hiking and mountain biking when you want to expand on your outdoor fun. The Armstrong Trail is a dog-friendly pathway that’s explored as a loop and highlights aspen groves along the way. You’ll start out on Three Kings Road and hike on the Silver Spur trail for about half a mile to reach the base of the Silver Star lift. From here, head uphill and walk through the aspen groves to a point where the trail gets a bit steep. There are options to take a rest at the King Con lift before continuing uphill towards Dawns Trail. That’s where the route moves to a downhill vantage point, and you’ll be treated to sweeping views out over Park City.

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Savor the Sights with Family and Enjoy Trails with Great Nature Views

Getting out into nature and making the most of time on the trails can be refreshing and inspiring when you have beautiful views at every turn during your Park City hiking vacation. It’s even more meaningful when you find trails that are suitable for everyone in your traveling crew. Those who are looking for some of the most scenic pathways in Park City that fit this description won’t be disappointed with the options that await. The RTS Loop just below Utah Olympic Park is a great example as it’s not only easily accessible but stunning too. The RTS Loop spans 2.5 miles of terrain and gives hikers a chance to head into nature when they have a few hours to spare for fun under the sun with family. This trail has a 200-foot elevation gain making it wonderful for hikers of all ages. You’ll wander through towering trees, enjoy gorgeous views, and have options to stop and picnic or enjoy wildlife watching along the way.

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The Farm Trail is another great family-friendly option that’s accessible and suitable for hikers with ability levels of all kinds. This is a paved pathway that takes hikers right past local historic stops like the McPolin Barn. You can trek the entire path or just go as far as you’re comfortable enjoying views of McLeod Creek and meadows filled with horses. Many couples come to this trail to take engagement photos, so you can count on it being a scenic route in all seasons.

For a family-friendly hike that takes you through scenic Old Town, try Mother Urban. This trail begins at the Treasure Hill trailhead at Lowell Avenue near the Park City Mountain parking lot. At the start, you’ll be navigating lower Sweeney’s Switchbacks as you trek upward for just about 5 miles. The elevation gain is 1,200 feet by the time you read the Mid Mountain Trail near King Road. From here, you’ll hike underneath the Town Lift and have the opportunity to pass by abandoned mine shafts, tramway towers, and other remnants of the city’s mining past. This is an ideal trail for those who are looking for an outing in nature that’s equal parts inspiring and educational.

Finally, take time to explore the Free Mason Trail with family and friends when you’re looking for a short and easy hike where you can really relish the views of the Prospector neighborhood. The trailhead sits just 100 yards from the Rail Trail trailhead and once you set out, you’ll have 1.5 miles to explore at your own preferred pace. The Free Mason Trail is smooth and steady with gentle slopes taking you around April Mountain. Once you reach the west side, you’ll be enjoying great views out over Old Town.

Wildlife You Might See on the Trails

For all of the amazing views that Park City hiking trails provide adventurers, perhaps nothing is more thrilling than the idea that you might encounter some incredible wildlife along the way as well. Park City is home to a wide variety of creatures and knowing what to look for and how to handle observing these animals in the wild is always important.


If you’re hiking in Park City near ponds or streams in forested areas, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter a moose or two. If you happen to see one, be sure to keep plenty of distance and enjoy the view from afar. This is particularly true in the spring when mothers and calves are roaming as well as in the fall when bull moose are more aggressive due to breeding season.

There are also opportunities to spot bears on the mountain trails of Park City. Utah is home to black bears who are typically roaming around in forested areas on trails that are more rugged. If your plans have you heading out on backcountry hiking trails, it’s always good to go in a group, keep food and trash packed away, and carry bear spray. Bears tend to be more active around dawn and dusk so if you’re on a longer hike, you’ll want to keep these timeframes in mind.

In addition to these impressive creatures, the trails through Park City provide an opportunity to spot everything from mountain lions and elk to bobcats, coyotes, bats, and up to five species of rattlesnakes.

Guided Hiking Options in Park City

While many hikers enjoy getting out and exploring on their own in Park City, there are options for guided hikes as well. Whether you’re looking to enjoy places you might otherwise miss, or you could use a refreshing alongside a pro, there are options to customize your day on the trails. Over at White Pine Touring, you can book hiking excursions with a focus on nature, wildlife, and history. They even have options for moonlight hikes for a new perspective on the terrain. All Seasons Adventures also offers guided hiking options throughout Park City when you’re wanting to learn more along the way. When you book with All Seasons Adventures, hikes are anywhere from 2.5 to 6 hours and include transportation, snacks, and drinks for the journey.

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