Tips and Tricks on How to Work From Home


How is everyone doing? We just wanted to check in on our wonderful community. None of us could have mentally prepared for what has happened in the past couple of months. Our lives have been upended in so many ways, disrupting our routines, habits, work, school, everything. We are all just doing our best right now while living through these uncertain times.

Now that most of us are sequestered at home, remote work can come with unique challenges. Especially if you’re not used to it, it can be tough to channel the same level of focus that you might have in an office setting. And when you’re suddenly away from the rest of your team, a lack of collaboration and connection can be difficult to navigate.

We wanted to share some of our favorite work from home tips that might help you stay focused and relaxed:

Commit to practicing daily self-care rituals. Start each remote workday with:

    • Mindfulness – try meditating for 5 minutes a day.
    • Movement – stretch, run, 15-minute workout to get the blood flowing, your favorite online yoga class.
    • Gratitude – write down one thing you’re grateful for today, whether it’s the chance to spend more time with family, the extra time saved from a commute, or the familiar view out your window.

Keep up your “going to the office” routine

Treat each day like you are going into the office, which could mean getting up early to make time for self-care, have a leisurely walk with your dog, coffee on the patio, or a quick workout. Before sitting down to work, shower, get dressed, put on makeup, etc — just as if you were going to the office if that helps with keeping with a routine

Tidy up

Sometimes the biggest distraction is when the space around you feels a bit messy.

Change out of your sleep pajamas

… and into another outfit which could also be your work sweats.

If you can, establish a designated work area.

Move your desk next to the window

Take 5 minutes to create a daily schedule for you and anyone else staying home and put it where everyone can see it.

Establishing successful new routines, when we can’t keep our old ones is key.  In a moment of anxiety or upset, turning to a ritual or routine is more effective in reducing anxiety than simply trying to calm down.

Give yourself clarity and structure by making a list of the top three things you want to accomplish that day.

Set some ground rules with your partner for working from home.

Create healthy boundaries

Together with your kids come up with a rule to help them understand when you’re available.

To stay focused – close out of non-work-related tabs, take social media apps off your phone, and disable alerts.

Assign timeslots to your tasks

It can be helpful to assign blocks of time in 45-minute chunks to your tasks.

Notify your team about your priorities.

Turn an email into a phone call

An unexpected way to improve productivity is by picking up the phone instead of going back and forth on email. Plus, there are other bonuses: human connection.

Eat your meals in a different room.

Step outside to reset

Get some fresh air!

Take a real lunch break.

Incorporate bursts of movement

Bust out 10 pushups, walk around your house, take your dog out for a quick play session, do some yoga, or take on a household chore.

Take little micro-breaks

Reward yourself for completing your hardest work tasks or after a long working sprint.

Switch up your working space when you get bored.

Make a point of logging off from your remote workday at the same time you would typically leave the office.

It’s important to build in time at night to rest and recharge.