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Travelers who make their way to Park City in the fall are in for an amazing and unforgettable adventure. The following are just a few of the many reasons why it’s worth setting your sights this direction.

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Great Weather Awaits

Fall is a scenic and exciting time of year to visit Park City, especially if you’re the type of traveler that values impeccable weather standards. In a typical year, fall temperatures closely mimic springtime temperatures with warm midday highs and cool evenings. September and early October in this welcoming shoulder season are wonderfully comfortable for visitors with temperatures not getting into the 40s until late October. You’ll want to pack layers for a trip to Park City this time of year, but there’s a good chance you’ll still be able to leave the warm coat behind.

You Can Enjoy Quality Time on the Hiking Trails

Fall comes and goes too quickly no matter where you roam, but if you head to Park City in the autumn, you can take advantage of that ideal weather by enjoying time on the scenic hiking trails. Not to worry, there’s plenty to choose from and amazing views waiting to be savored along the way! The trees begin to turn fantastic colors this time of year and the trails are still rich with wildlife-watching opportunities as well. A prime route to add to your must-trek list while you’re in town between September and October is the Bloods Lake Trail. This is a nearly 3-mile route with an elevation gain of just 465 feet, making it a wonderful choice for friends and family outings. It’s a hiking-only path that’s designed for out-and-back exploration and provides great stops along the way to take in the changing colors of the trees. Early in the fall, the terrain is dotted with red and oranges while later in the season, you can count on those gold hues making their way into the mix. This is a hike you’ll want to have your camera ready for!

Make the Most of Mountain Biking Thrills

Another fan-favorite activity travelers can enjoy during their visit to Park City in the fall is mountain biking. The beauty of the great outdoors paired with the picture-perfect weather means mountain biking enthusiasts can spend endless hours on the trails taking in the sights and enjoying adrenaline-pumping fun too. In total, Park City hosts no less than 450 miles of easy access trails for mountain bikers to enjoy and they’re designed to cater to mountain bikers of all skill levels. Whether you’re up for a downhill adventure, a cross-country journey, or a single-track escape, you’ll find it within easy reach this fall. For a truly memorable autumn outing on two wheels, try Rob’s Trail. This is a 5-mile route with an elevation gain of 1,003 feet that’s used for hiking and biking alike, so you’ll want to be aware you’ll be sharing the space with others along the way. That said, you can loop out and back along this path that’s situated in a neighborhood close to the Canyons side of Park City Mountain. The trail itself runs through groves of golden Aspen trees in the fall which makes for a fun and certainly eye-catching challenge!

Visitors Can Enjoy Scenic Drives

For fall travelers to Park City that can’t wait to get behind the wheel and make the most of scenic local routes, the options are seemingly endless! There are many inviting options just a few miles outside of Park City ranging from mountain passes to scenic byways. Guardsman Pass is a beautiful and exciting route to choose that runs from Park City to Midway and on to Big Cottonwood Canyon. The fall foliage is fantastic along this route as well as wildlife spotting opportunities to elevate the excitement of your journey! You’ll make your way through Deer Valley Resort on this road, but it’s the alpine meadows in fall that prove the most memorable and photo worthy. Set aside about an hour of time to enjoy the entire out and back drive which is open from May through November.

Mirror Lake Scenic Byway is another great option when you’re looking to add a fall scenic drive to your itinerary. This route runs right through the heart of Utah’s highest mountain range from Kamas to the Uinta-Wasatch Cache National Forest. As the name suggests, the route leads to Mirror Lake which hosts a collection of hiking trails, waterfalls, and smaller lakes surrounding it. This is a drive you’ll want to dedicate anywhere from two to three hours to complete, depending on how many scenic stops you plan on making. Other scenic routes to consider if you want to expand your fall sightseeing fun include Weber Canyon, Echo Canyon I-84, Provo Canyon and Alpine Loop, as well as the Big Mountain Pass Highway UT-65.

Fun Festivals and Events to Check Out

A fall getaway to Park City is a chance to make the most of annual festival and event fun too. Those who are here in September will be right on time to enjoy time at the Park Silly Sunday Market as well as the Autumn Aloft Hot Air Balloon Festival. In October, travelers can take time to enjoy the Halloween on Main Street event which is great for families!

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